Our salmon are in danger

Parasites from open-net salmon farms are killing off our wild salmon. Fish farm viruses can cause salmon blood cells to explode!

We need to get rid of this infection before it’s too late.

The federal government promised to implement the recommendations from $37 million, taxpayer-funded Cohen Inquiry. It recommended all the farms in the Discovery Islands (near Campbell River) should be removed if they are found to pose significant risk to wild salmon.

It’s time the federal government started doing its job! We need them to make a commitment to remove salmon farms in the Discovery Islands before the next federal election. So they can’t allow the companies to restock these farms.

Our Minister of Fisheries and the federal government must make a choice: will they allow these farms to keep infecting our wild salmon with their pathogens? Or say “Enough!” and show them the door?

Tell Jonathan Wilkinson, the Minister of Fisheries, to get salmon farms out of the Discovery Islands now!