Mowi top-brass paid top dollar to pillage B.C. waters

Factory fish farm giant Mowi is trying to sue Canadians for lost profits because our federal government closed 11 of its polluting salmon factory sites in the Discovery Islands, British Columbia. 

Mowi Canada West, a subsidiary of the Norwegian fish farm giant, filed the lawsuit quietly in B.C. Supreme Court, while they continued their public relations sympathy campaign, talking endlessly about their contributions to B.C. communities and the economy. That’s rich. It’s clear Mowi doesn’t want Canadians to know the full extent of their greed.




At their last annual general meeting, Mowi topped-up their head honchos with a juicy raise. The board chairperson received more than $190,000 this year. This doesn’t sound astronomical, but you have to factor in how much actual work they do. On average, board members only work about 200 hours a year, so Ole-Eirik Lerøy, made about $950 per hour!

Given the profits Mowi rakes in, and the damage they’ve done to B.C.’s wild salmon and coastal waters, it’s unbelievable they have the audacity to sue Canadians on top of everything. It’s clear they couldn’t care less about us. At a time when food and housing costs are skyrocketing they’ve got their hands in our pockets - when we’re the ones who will ultimately pay the heaviest price for their salmon farm pollution in our coastal waters.

Is this the kind of company we want in our province or our country —-company that just settled another lawsuit linked to price-fixing their products and allegedly scamming Canadians further? What other ways are Mowi and company grifting Canadians? 

Our federal government promised to transition open net-pen factory farms out of B.C. by 2025. These factory fish farms should be banned from operating in our province, like Washington State and Alaska. Be sure to remind your federal politicians to get on with the show, and get them out of B.C. as soon as possible.